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Sunday School-9:45 AM
Morning Worship-11:00 AM
Evening Worship- 5:30 PM (6:00 PM during daylight savings time)

Prayer Meeting-6:00 PM
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Thursday Night Visitation

Our pastor or the deacons may ocassionally visit your home on Thursday evenings. This outreach is part of the Deacon Family Ministry. We want to make certain that every member and family in our church experiences the love and support of the whole congregation, which is why we are so committed to this ministry.


How can a deacon help you?

Of course, you are the only one who can answer that question. However, there are some specific ways your deacon wants to try to help.

  • Visiting you
  • Rejoicing with you and your family
  • Giving support in times of crisis
  • Answering questions about faith or the church
  • Helping you know and find fellowship with other members and families in the church
  • Helping you find ways to serve in and through the church
  • Praying for you and with you

    In our Deacon Family Ministry Plan every member and every family has a deacon. Feel free to call your deacon. Your deacon will seek to help you or link you to another helping person.

Youth Programs

Our youth ministry is based around equipping our students with what is needed to face those day-to-day challenges that make the Christian life so hard sometimes.  This is done through the teaching of God's Word, fellowship with each other and encouraging each other throughout the week, and most importantly, loving each other. 

All are welcome, regardless of whether or not their families regularly attend the church, and the youth are encouraged to bring their friends. Not only do we want to strengthen our students, but we also want to strengthen our families.  If your entire family comes to church, we want to help you grow as a family.  If you are alone, we want to be your family and reach out to those family members that may not come.

I hope you will consider visiting us and find a reflection of Jesus Christ in all of us.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our pastor or any of our deacons listed on this site.  We will be happy to talk with you about anything.

God bless and may He lead you in all things.

Women's Group

Our Misson Statement is for women to grow spiritually through
Bible based study, fellowship, worship, ministry and prayer for each other. The group will also emphasize a study of church ministries.


The Women's Group also meets for Bible study on a regular basis.


Men's Group

Our purpose is to help men discover their calling from God...
striving to equip, disciple, encourage, and send each man out to fulfill his unique call.


The men meet at 8:00 AM every 1st Saturday of the month in Fellowship Hall. The men enjoy a time of fellowship over breakfast followed by prayer.


In addition, the men gather periodically for special activities or duties at the church.


For more information about our Men's or Women's groups, please contact our church.